We are a non-profit organization that aspires to make a difference in the lives of the children of First Responders in Dublin. We are proud to offer a scholarship opportunity so they can pursue higher education.

Our goal is to break the numerous barriers which hold back the multitude of deserving children from seeking education after high school and give them the opportunity to change their lives forever.

Our parent organization, Sponsorkids, helps us with financial management and legal boundaries in order to make the process of distributing scholarships as convenient as possible.

Why we do this

Civic duty is where citizens act to protect public values or make a difference in their community. The citizens of our community who do this with little reward are those who serve the great city of Dublin. Those who put their lives on the line for the safety of the community. Those who protect the freedoms that we so greatly cherish. Those who we call First Responders.
These community heroes deserve much more than just our respect. That is why we decided to show our appreciation for their incredible service to Dublin and provide them a service of our own.

Want to positively impact the next generation of Dublin?

Police Departments we are Partnered with

About Us

The Sponsor Kids Foundation recruited a group of self-motivated high school students who seek to gain entrepreneurial skills and spread the vision of DublinPFS. These high schoolers came together as a team, along with a board of advisors, and created PFS: Police and Fire Scholarship.

Fire & EMS Townships we are Partnered with

Dublin Police

Chief Justin Páez began his career in law enforcement in 2001 and has been a member of the Dublin Police Department since November 2003. During his career, Chief Páez has served as a patrol officer, patrol corporal, accreditation…

Washington Township

Chief Alec O’Connell was sworn in as the Washington Township Fire Chief in 2014. O’Connell began his career as a part-time firefighter, advancing to full-time firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain,

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